Special Counsel Jack Smith’s Broad Twitter Search Warrant for Trump Associates

Jack Smith wants everyone to know he’s got dirt on Donald Trump. A version of the search warrant used to get information from Trump’s Twitter account should scare anyone who believes in democracy. Special counsel Jack Smith’s comprehensive search warrant sought Trump’s search history, drafted tweets, blocks, and mutes. The New York Post reports, “Eight of the 14 pages related to the search warrant are completely redacted.” The warrant included a demand for all information from the ‘Connect’ or ‘Notifications’ tab for the account. The government doesn’t need lists of people who “liked” things on a social media site. There are concerns the Left is throwing everything at Trump and hoping some of it sticks. A 14-page document related to the search warrant has eight redacted pages. As Donald Trump has said, he’s just one more indictment away from being re-elected president.