Special Counsel Report Reveals Biden’s Repeated Mental Lapses: Unable to Recall Time as Vice President or Trump’s Election

Fox News obtained a transcript detailing President Biden’s five-hour interview with special counsel Robert Hur, revealing numerous memory lapses where he confused dates, countries, and chronology of significant events. The transcript, reviewed by Axios, highlights Biden’s struggles to recall key dates, with his confusions ranging from the years his son Beau passed away to the election of Donald Trump. Even left-leaning outlets acknowledge Biden’s memory issues during the interview with Hur, where he often needed assistance from his legal team to correct his errors. In one instance, Biden mistakenly thought Trump was elected in 2017, a year off from the actual date. Another glaring mistake was when he mentioned Beau being alive in 2017 or 2018 at Penn, where in reality, Beau tragically passed in 2015. These memory lapses raise concerns about President Biden’s mental acuity, especially given his inability to remember important dates and events.

Despite Hur’s earlier report painting Biden as a well-meaning elderly man with memory issues, the transcript paints a more alarming picture of his mental state. Biden’s struggles to recall when he served as Vice President, his confusion about a fax machine, and his demonstration of a Corvette through car noises all point to significant cognitive declines. While Hur did not charge Biden for retaining classified materials post-vice presidency due to his poor memory, evidence suggests that Biden knowingly did so. Classified documents were found in various locations, including the Penn Biden Center, his garage, basement den, main floor office, and third-floor den, suggesting a widespread mishandling of sensitive information by Biden.

Despite the evidence of Biden’s memory lapses and involvement in retaining classified materials, Democrats face a dilemma in defending him. Whether Biden’s mental state renders him unfit for trial or not, the overwhelming conclusion is that he is not mentally capable of leading the country or handling sensitive matters. The White House’s refusal to acknowledge his cognitive decline and insistence that he does not need a cognitive test further raises concerns about Biden’s ability to fulfill his duties as Commander-in-Chief. Hur’s testimony underscores the urgency of addressing Biden’s mental fitness and the potential risks of allowing him to continue in his role unchecked.