Stephen A. Smith Stands Up for Megyn Kelly Amid Accusations of Racism for Criticizing Black National Anthem

ESPN host Stephen A. Smith defended Megyn Kelly this week after she was accused of racism for criticizing the black national anthem being performed at the Super Bowl. Andra Day performed “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” which was called the black national anthem by the NAACP in 1919. Kelly took to social media to say that this song “does not belong at the Super Bowl. We already have a National Anthem and it includes EVERYONE.” In response, Smith defended Kelly, calling her statement patriotic. He urged people to have evidence before accusing someone of racism. Kelly has been criticized in the past for speaking out against the black national anthem, but she has maintained that there is only one national anthem, and it’s “The Star Spangled Banner.” She believes playing a separate anthem is divisive and goes against the unifying spirit of the country. Despite being called racist, Kelly’s stance has remained the same. Smith has praised Kelly for standing up against cancel culture, and he hopes more public figures will do the same.