Stunned Worshippers Capture Real-Life ‘Miracle’ as Virgin Mary Statue Appears to ‘Cry’

Video is going viral this week showing a Virgin Mary statue “crying” in a stunning scene that is being described as a real-life “miracle.”

Virgin Mary Statue Allegedly Cries

Daily Mail reported that this alleged miracle took place at a church in El Canal, which is a community located in the state of Colima, Mexico. The footage shows what appears to be water droplets falling from the statue’s eyes and flowing down her face as shocked worshippers look on.

Some have even claimed that the Virgin Mary statue’s eyes became red as the tears continued to fall.

“Similarly, when we cry, and our eyes become red, the same happens to the image,” said local resident Victor Ramos.

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Why Virgin Mary May Be Crying

Hundreds have flocked to the church since the video went viral in the hopes of seeing the phenomenon for themselves. Some have claimed that the Virgin Mary statue may be crying because of the violence in Colima, where there have been 702 homicides confirmed this year as of October by the local prosecutor’s office.

“We can associate it with … the violence rates that are being experienced here in the state of Colima, also here in the community,” Ramos said of the Virgin Mary statue’s alleged tears, according to The New York Post.

Those who believe this think that the Virgin Mary may be trying to signal peace in the violence-filled community with her tears.

“Peace, may she give us peace in Colima and throughout the world, that we may return to the Colima of before,” said visitor Maria Mercedes Hernandez.

Others, however, are not having any of it. One naysayer is Professor Luigi Garlaschelli, who claimed that some statues have the ability to absorb water based on their materials.

“You need a hollow statue made of plaster or ceramic, which must be covered on the outside with a waterproof layer,” Garlaschelli explained to The Sun. “By filling the statue with water through an imperceptible hole at the top, the porous material will absorb it, but the outer layer will prevent it from coming out.”

“However, if a slight scratch is made in the protective glaze in the tear duct area, the absorbed water will come out through it as if it were tears,” he added.

Previous Reports Of This

Hundreds have also flocked to the small town of Trevignano Romano, Italy to see a Virgin Mary statue cry tears of what appeared to be blood earlier this year.

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