Stunning Footage Captures Texas Border Overflowing with Illegal Immigrants

@VenturaReport X Video A viral video posted on social media shows a sea of illegal immigrants numbering in the thousands waiting to be “processed” in Eagle Pass, Texas on Monday. The video captures the size and scope of the crowd in a way that other videos about the border crisis do not. NewsNation national correspondent Jorge Ventura took drone footage of what he describes as a “massive group of migrants.” Ventura wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, that “Federal officials are completely overwhelmed by the migrant surge that is non-stop here.” The Eagle Pass area has been one of the most active breaches in the border in America for quite some time, with Fox News reporter Bill Melugin providing harrowing video of the ongoing invasion at the border. Melugin also posted a shocking video showing thousands of migrants waiting to be processed by Border Patrol after they crossed illegally, something he had never seen before in his hundreds of days at the location over the last 2+ years. In addition to the surge of migrants on foot, videos also showed illegal immigrants waiting to catch a train in an attempt to cross into the U.S. from Mexico. This comes within days of CBP sending an internal memo warning their agents to be vigilant of potential IEDs. In December alone, 167,000 illegal immigrants were encountered at the southern border. The crisis is out of control, and it’s time to stop enabling the relentless invasion from illegal aliens.