Survey Reveals 1 in 4 Americans Blame FBI for January 6 Riot

The following information is by a summary report of a conversation. President Joe Biden has recently had a conversation with a group of “diverse” scholars and historians about the upcoming anniversary of the January 6th riots. This group was mentioned multiple times to be diverse by White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre at a press briefing. Despite being described as such, the diversity of this group likely did not encompass those who disagree that the Capitol riot was of a severe nature. Polling indicates that a significant portion of the population doubts the FBI’s involvement in the events, counter to the prevailing narrative. Representative Clay Higgins has even claimed that many undercover FBI agents were present at the Capitol on the day of the riot, but this still requires further evidence. In light of widespread dismissals of the 2020 election by Trump supporters, President Biden will soon deliver a speech at the location where General Washington once organized colonial militias. The Democrats politically liken January 6th to other significant events in American history like the Revolutionary War and 9/11, drawing some criticism. Meanwhile, a Princeton scholar, Sean Wilentz, expressed concern that if Trump were to win the 2024 election, “real” historians might cease to exist. The article was written by Rusty Weiss, a seasoned political commentator.