Survey Reveals 40% of Democratic Voters Support Removing George Washington from Historical Celebrations

A recent report by Rasmussen Reports claims that a large number of Democrats support the proposal to remove the statue of George Washington from New York City, even though 82% of those surveyed have a favorable impression of him. The New York City Council is considering a measure to remove artwork with the likenesses of individuals such as Washington or Christopher Columbus. The council wants to tear down statues of Christopher Columbus and George Washington as part of a reparations plan. This is seen as a form of cancel culture run amok that has been allowed under Democrat-run states and cities and is rather embarrassing. It appears to be more of a form of mental illness rather than an infantile approach to seeing the world. This has been something that Former President Donald Trump warned everyone about, announcing that the next step after the removal of confederate statues would be the erasure of monuments to Washington and Thomas Jefferson. This cancel culture against our Founding Fathers and other historical figures has produced some interesting developments. It is not idle threats, as the removal of Thomas Jefferson’s statue from New York demonstrates.