Susan Sarandon’s Controversial Comparison: Jews and Muslims

The former Thelma And Louise star Susan Sarandon has been dropped by her A-list Hollywood talent agency and been hit with some serious backlash after she made anti-semitic comments at a pro-Palestinian rant in New York City last Friday.

Sarandon’s Anti-Semitic Rant 

After spending the last few weeks ranting against Israel, Sarandon was spotted at an anti-Israel protest in New York’s Union Square and Bryant Park, where she was seen chanting the anti-semitic slogan “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.”

Things got even worse when Sarandon, 77, made the unfortunate decision to give a speech at this protest that many see as being both anti-semitic and ignorant.

“There are a lot of people that are afraid, that are afraid of being Jewish at this time, and are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country,” she said, according to GB News.

“It’s important to listen, it’s important to have facts — you don’t have to go through the entire history of that region, you just have to show the babies that are dying in incubators,” she added.

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Sarandon Dropped By Hollywood Agency – Backlash Pours In

The backlash against Sarandon has poured in since her comments went viral.

“When Susan Sarandon said that Jews ‘are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country’ she was saying that American Jews have it coming — that we don’t deserve to live free from harassment and assault,” Aviva Klompas, the former director of speechwriting at the Israeli Mission to the United Nations, wrote on social media.

Muslim Indian American Schools Sarandon

Sarandon offended Muslims with her remarks as well, as shown by a viral post on X (formerly known as Twitter) by Asra Nomani, a Muslim Indian American who was happy to list out the many freedoms that she and her parents enjoy in America.

“‘Hi there Susan Sarandon,  this is my mom, my dad and me on the rail trail in Morgantown, West by God Virginia. Let me tell you what it means to be Muslim in America,” she wrote alongside a photo of herself and her parents.

“My dad didn’t have to become a second-class indentured servant to one of the many tyrants of Muslim countries that use immigrants from India, like my family, as essential slaves…my dad got a job as an assistant professor of nutrition,” she continued. “He got rejected first for tenure but being Muslim in America meant he got a right like everybody got — his right to appeal and guess what? He won and he became a full professor.”

“My mom? Being Muslim in America meant she got to live FREE with the wind in her hair, like Masih Alinejad fights for women in the Muslim nation of Iran to be able to enjoy,” she concluded. “Go, live like a Muslim woman in a Muslim country. You will come back to America and kiss the land beneath your feet.”

In the end, Sarandon has only shown with her latest comments that she’s just another radically liberal elitist that has no concept of how lucky she is to be an American. We’re glad to see that she’s getting backlash for her ignorant words, and it’ll be interesting to see if being dropped by her A-list Hollywood agency prompts an apology from her!