Suzanne Somers Brings Tears to Her Own Memorial Service with Emotional Performance

The tragic death of Suzanne Somers, the “Three’s Company” actress, has left her fans in sorrow. She passed away just one day before her 77th birthday after a 23-year battle with breast cancer. However, Somers had recorded herself singing a touching rendition of a classic song before her death, and it was played at her memorial service. This was her final performance and left everyone in tears.

Her husband, Alan Hamel, called the performance fitting, as the song was special to both of them. Somers had two memorial services in her honor, one in Palm Desert, California, and the other in her hometown of San Bruno, California. At the Palm Desert memorial, Hamel described the evening as beautiful and extremely authentic, saying it was filled with personal reminiscences, songs, and heartfelt videos of Suzanne. He also talked about the cocktail party organized in Palm Desert in honor of her, as Suzanne loved to attend such events.

Suzanne’s son, Bruce, also spoke at the memorial services, praising her for her love and kindness. She will always be remembered as a woman who went out with a bang and will never be replaced.