Sylvester Stallone’s Emotional Tribute to ‘Rocky’ Co-Star Carl Weathers – Remembering a Legend

Written by James Conrad, this article is a tribute to the late Hollywood star Carl Weathers, who passed away peacefully in his sleep at the age of 76. Sylvester Stallone, who acted alongside Weathers in the movie “Rocky,” has spoken out about his close friend’s passing.

In an Instagram post, 77-year-old Stallone expressed his deep sadness and shared that Carl Weathers played a crucial role in his life and success. Stallone credited Weathers for their accomplishments in “Rocky” and praised him for his athletic ability, soul, and heart.

Stallone also shared a poignant painting of himself and Weathers in the ring, recounting it as one of their last moments together. The video concluded with Stallone raising his fist emotionally, telling his friend Apollo Creed to “keep punching.”

The passing of Weathers was confirmed by his family, who described him as an exceptional human being and a beloved family member. Weathers portrayed the heavyweight champion Apollo Creed in the original “Rocky” film and its numerous sequels.

Weathers had previously recounted an audacious move he made during his audition for “Rocky,” where he unwittingly insulted Stallone’s acting abilities. This move, however, ultimately landed him the role in the iconic film.

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Overall, this article is a heartfelt tribute to Carl Weathers and highlights Sylvester Stallone’s fond memories of his late friend.