Tapping into the Power of Celebrity: How Taylor Swift is Encouraging Young People to Vote

In the recent real events of this week, Taylor Swift was seen in the viral NATO video and a segment on Fox News’ Jesse Watters’s show, where she was speculated to be a possible Pentagon psyop or a tool of the White House to influence the next presidential election. The truth remains that she is a cultural powerhouse. Considering the fact that she’s a Democrat, with her open endorsements of Joe Biden and two Democrats in her home state of Tennessee, it’s not unreasonable to believe she could be used to mobilize voters for the Democratic Party. But is it really nonpartisan when she’s promoting a partisan platform like Vote.org? Additionally, it’s not just the American liberal machine that wants her to aid the Democrats; European liberals are also hoping she can mobilize the youth vote there as well. It’s clear that Taylor Swift’s influence isn’t being underestimated or overlooked by political leaders, both in the US and Europe. However, it may be best for her to stick to her primary profession of entertainment rather than being tied up in political controversies.