Targeting the FBI: Rep Clay Higgins Vows to Take Down Agents Who Targeted Trump Supporters

GOP Rep Claims FBI Added Trump Supporters To Domestic Terror Watchlist December 14, 2023, investigative journalist Lara Logan brought frequent FBI critic Republican Representative Clay Higgins (R-LA) on her ‘Truth In Media‘ series. Higgins claimed that FBI agents used their authority to instruct air marshals to track and follow Trump supporters who had no charges. Rep. Clay Higgins vows to fight legally and peacefully against FBI agents, and Logan suspects that they won’t be held accountable. In another report, Logan claims that the J6 Committee aided in the cover-up of Ray Epps’ role in the riots. Epps, a former leader of the “Oath Keepers” chapter in Arizona, plead guilty to one count of disorderly conduct three years after J6 and was sentenced to an average of 55 days in prison. Represented Thomas Massie (R-KY) criticized the charges as being coincidental. Rep. Thomas Massie and the FBI’s former assistant director have claimed that over 200 Windows were in the Capitol during the January 6th protest. FBI Director Chris Wray has denied the use of FBI informants on January 6th.