Teacher Destroys Progressive Transgender Ideology in 5 Minutes

A master class in critical thinking, hosted by a teacher’s YouTube channel, has gained viral attention on social media. The teacher’s lesson revolves around an analysis of the alleged transphobia illustrated by children’s author J.K. Rowling, without giving his own opinion on the matter. By asking basic questions, the teacher leads a student to admit that he’s a willing victim of groupthink. The teacher challenged the student to critically analyze the tweet, ultimately leading the student to admit that it’s not transphobic to state sex is real. Mr. Smith stressed the importance of learning how to think, not what to think. He argued that the goal of progressive left has control over institutions of higher learning and is to indoctrinate society to think according to their views, emphasizing that freedom to question what we are told is a threat to their power. The case study exposes institutionalized discrimination against people with ordinary beliefs about sex and transgender issues. The article suggests exploring more context to understand the case better.