Texas Governor Abbott Implements Anti-Climb Wall to Secure Border

America’s southern border with Mexico has been broken for a long time. Leaders should do something about it. President Joe Biden won’t. Republicans didn’t when they controlled Congress. But Texas Governor Greg Abbott is at least trying. His latest effort as part of Operation Lone Star involves more temporary fencing along critical areas of the border.”Abbott isn’t just contending with the actual invasion, though. He’s also contending with a federal government that is actively working to keep the border open. The battle over the border buoys in the Rio Grande continues after a federal court ruled to uphold a lower court’s order to remove them.”Abbott already has a backup plan. If the appeal is rejected, he said the state will take it one step further to the U.S. Supreme Court. Whether the governor wins this battle or not, the appeal and possibility of going to the Supreme Court could buy time to keep the buoys in the Rio Grande.”The story continued, “Added measures at the border continue with the help of Operation Lone Star. The state is installing new anti-climb walls in Brownsville. The 8-foot gates are being strung together and wrapped in razor wire to make them even more difficult to get over or through.”The southern border in Texas and elsewhere has too many problems that need to be fixed, but at least the anti-climb walls are a step in the right direction. Why is the federal government pushing back on this if it isn’t doing anything?Abbott expressed his frustration on Fox News on Monday. “Just four years ago, we had the lowest number of illegal border crossings in 40 years,” Abbott said, attributing this to former President Trump’s leadership and policies. He blamed Biden for making everything border-related worse. Last week, Abbott explained the many threats of a porous border. “It is extraordinarily dangerous because, first of all, as you point out, we have people from China coming here,” he told Fox News. “We also have people on the known terrorist watch list who are coming across the border. And so there’s extraordinary dangers, calls to our country by Biden’s open border policies.” “And obviously, Biden is doing nothing about it,” Abbott added. The governor finished, “And that’s why Texas has to step up and apprehend as many of these people as possible to make sure that they’re not posing a threat to our country. But this is a very serious existential threat to our country caused by Joe Biden.”