Texas National Guard and Governor Abbott Pledge to Defend Against Federal Interference, Step Up Razor Wire Installation

Texas National Guard’s Resolve To Protect U.S.-Mexico Border Unwavering Despite Supreme Court Ruling
The Texas National Guard continues to stand unwavering in their determination to protect the border, despite a recent Supreme Court ruling. Governor Greg Abbott has made it clear that Texas will not back down from their efforts to secure the border, stating, “Texas will not shrink in the face of opposition.” The Supreme Court voted 5-4 to grant an emergency request filed by the Joe Biden administration, which argued that Texas was obstructing federal agents from carrying out their duties at the southern border. The ruling allows federal agents to remove razor wire that had been installed at the border. However, the Texas National Guard issued a statement affirming that they have no intentions of giving up on their mission. Abbott also posted a similar message on social media, reiterating the state’s commitment to securing the border. The Texas National Guard’s dedication to protecting the border is evident as they continue to bolster their efforts in Eagle Pass, Texas, an area known for illegal immigrant crossings. The Guard has seized control of Shelby Park and erected additional razor wire, despite the Supreme Court ruling. This has caused Democrat congressman Joaquin Castro to call on President Biden to take full federal control of the Texas National Guard. However, the federal government can federalize a state’s National Guard under the Insurrection Act. Some Republican lawmakers view the federal government’s efforts to undermine states’ rights as acts of aggression. The fear remains that President Biden may call in the military to squash the Texas National Guard’s efforts and open the border. The Texas National Guard’s determination to protect the border in the face of opposition demonstrates their commitment to preserving law and order at the U.S.-Mexico border.