– The Evolution of the Democratic Party: Open Borders, Once Criticized by Bernie Sanders, Now Embraced as Party’s Position

The U.S. Border Is Chaotic, So Bernie Sanders’ Open Borders’ Talk Comes Back To Haunt Democrats

The U.S. border is a hot mess, and Republicans are demanding action. President Joe Biden and his Democrat cohorts don’t seem to care, refusing to address the problem in any meaningful way. The result is millions of people flooding into our nation and appears to be the de facto policy of the Democrat Party.

And the party’s previous turn at supporting open borders would have shocked the likes of Bernie Sanders. The “deeply progressive” senator, known for his defense of socialist ideals, once called open borders a “Koch brothers proposal,” in a 2015 interview with Vox’s Ezra Klein. The topic of open borders was brought up to Sanders throughout the interview.

Sanders outlined his rationale to Klein, asserting that open borders would essentially eliminate the United States, leaving every American worse off. He explained that open borders would only serve to make everyone in America poorer, noting that it would be “great” for rightwing people who would benefit from a policy that allowed “all kinds of people” to come in and work for low wages.

Sanders further argued that the nation has an obligation to help poor people and that he did not believe in an open border policy.

However, Sanders doesn’t seem to champion these same positions anymore, as he aligns more closely with the Democratic Party. But his initial words resonate, reminding us of the dangers of an open border while shining a light on the Democrats’ shift in policy to something Bernie Sanders once labeled “rightwing.”