The Impact of ‘Whiteness’ on White People’s Connection to Humanity, According to Activist Ibram Kendi

The new documentary on Netflix, based on Ibram Kendi’s book, continues to promote the concept of “anti-racism,” with Kendi claiming that white people are unable to connect to humanity due to “whiteness.” The film blames white people for the origins of racism in world history, demonizing them solely based on their skin color. Kendi receives applause for his provocative remarks at the screening, where he criticizes white people around the world.

The documentary, “Stamped from the Beginning,” explores the history of racism and slavery through the lens of prominent black women and Kendi. It revises history, ignoring the widespread acceptance of slavery in the 1400s and painting figures like Angela Davis in a positive light while disregarding her involvement in criminal activities. The film also features bold statements from black women, criticizing prominent figures and expressing fear of white people with pit bulls.

Kendi’s ultimate narrative is that white people are inherently bad, and their failure to acknowledge their “whiteness” makes them even worse. He argues that “whiteness” prevents white people from connecting with the rest of humanity, which is based on the theory that white people share the same customs, culture, and beliefs. This ignores the diversity of white people around the world.

The concept of “white privilege” is also promoted, claiming that being white means benefiting from privilege regardless of one’s intentions. Kendi believes his documentary will “liberate” people from lies about themselves and others. However, his ideology ultimately divides people by race and uses skin color to validate flawed arguments, which is a concept commonly viewed as racist.

Overall, the documentary and Kendi’s remarks perpetuate a divisive and discriminatory narrative, rather than promoting genuine anti-racism.