The Rare Secret to ‘NCIS’ Success, According to Mark Harmon

Harmon Reveals Secret Behind ‘NCIS’ Success

Harmon believes that a large part of the success of “NCIS” is how close the cast and crew has always been.

“I think you’re really lucky to find that,” Harmon, 72, told Fox News. “At times it’s really rare. I always thought that the show was about characters and it had humor. And yeah, there was a case and originally the case was based on the real. And then television changes, showrunners change, writers change, actors change, lots of changes. And that changes as well.”

Harmon went on to admit that when he was first presented with the script for “NCIS,” which stands for Naval Criminal Investigative Services, he had “never heard of it before. There wasn’t much information to be found.”

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Harmon On Why He Took ‘NCIS’ Role

It was only the unusual name of his character of Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs that led Harmon to take the role before the show’s premiere in 2003.

“If that name had not been there, I don’t think I would have been there,” he confessed.

Though Harmon left “NCIS” in 2021, the show is still a huge hit, and fans are still hoping that he’ll return someday.

“I don’t see how we don’t see him one more time at some point,” executive producer Steven D. Binder said earlier this year. “Gibbs has, in my mind, advanced to a higher plane of existence for now. … We left him smiling on a river happy, and that’s the image I want people to have until we’re really ready to blow that out of the water or truly embrace it in some way.”‘

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Harmon Reveals If He’s Retired From Acting 

When asked by Parade if he is retired from acting, Harmon replied, “No, I never retired. As far as I know, if you’re talking about Gibbs, he’s living in Alaska. If you’re talking about Mark, he’s home doing what he always did, which is read things.”

“I always saw this business as if you’re fortunate enough to get work and do work, that it’s about having choices. It’s about having an opportunity sometimes even to say no,” he continued. “There was a time where I could never say no. And most actors can’t. I’m appreciative of having that choice.”

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