The Shocking Truth Behind Catherine Herridge’s Departure from CBS: Network Faces Backlash

Opinion Screenshot: Face the Nation CBS has reportedly taken control of investigative journalist Catherine Herridge’s belongings after firing her. Herridge, a seasoned reporter covering national security and intelligence, was a surprising casualty of CBS News’ recent layoffs, given her track record of delivering breaking news and insider information. The New York Post revealed that Herridge was investigating the Hunter Biden laptop scandal before her dismissal and faced obstacles from higher-ups. In addition to the laptop probe, she was also covering the House impeachment inquiry, special counsel Robert Hur’s report on handling classified documents, and criminal charges against the President’s son. Herridge is embroiled in a First Amendment court case to protect a source used in a 2017 report about a Chinese American scientist investigated by the FBI but never charged. She faces fines if she refuses to be interviewed under oath for the case, leading critics to decry it as an attack on press freedom principles.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley, a former CBS analyst, penned an op-ed detailing the situation surrounding Herridge. He cited sources within CBS who revealed that the seizing of a reporter’s materials has caused unrest at the network’s headquarters. Turley raised suspicions about Herridge’s termination timing, suggesting that her stories were unpopular with the Biden administration and Democratic leaders. The network’s decision to take control of Herridge’s notes and files, potentially containing sensitive material from her time at Fox and CBS, has drawn condemnation. SAG-AFTRA, the CBS workers’ union, denounced the move, calling it a threat to the First Amendment and media professionals’ foundation.

CBS denied the accusations, claiming to return Herridge’s materials promptly. Despite their assurances that her files had not been accessed, Turley’s sources express fear and dismay over CBS’s actions, labeling them as unprecedented and chilling. The incident underscores the importance of upholding journalistic integrity and safeguarding reporters’ rights to pursue their work without fear of retaliation. CBS’s actions have raised concerns about their commitment to these principles, sparking a debate over press freedom and media ethics.