Trace Adkins Stands Up for Jason Aldean and Morgan Wallen, Rejects Racist Claims

The country music stars Jason Aldean and Morgan Wallen, who have both been targeted by cancel culture in the past, are being defended by their fellow singer Trace Adkins.

While appearing on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast, Adkins defended Aldean from the backlash he received for filming his anti-woke anthem “Try That in a Small Town” at the Tennessee’s Maury County Courthouse, where a Black man named Henry Choate was lynched in 1927. Despite what other liberals say, Maher admitted that Aldean likely didn’t know the history of the building when he filmed there.

“He had no idea,” Adkins said in agreement, according to Billboard. “The grievance junkies turn on somebody and they try to cancel them, and all it’s going to do, he’s going to sell more records than he ever has and it’s going to make him bigger than he’s ever been. … He had no idea, man.”

“Do you know how many music videos I’ve done that I’ve called up the director and went, ‘Hey, man, now what about this location where we’re shooting this thing?’” he continued. “And if I did do that, it’s only because I didn’t know where I was going. He [Aldean] had no idea. That director picked that location because it had the look they wanted. It was just a small-town courthouse, that’s all it was. And it happened to be close.”

When asked by CBS News back in November if he would film at the courthouse again, Aldean replied, “Knowing what I know now, probably not.”

“But it’s also — I’m not gonna go back 100 years and check on the history of this building because, honestly, if you’re in the South, you could probably go to any small-town courthouse, you’re gonna be hard-pressed to find one that hasn’t had some racial issue over the years at some point,” he added. “That’s just a fact. For anybody that thinks that we picked that building specifically for that reason, because there was a lynching there, whatever.”

Adkins later brought up Wallen, who was targeted by the cancel culture mob back in 2021 after he was caught dropping the n-word as he returned home from a drunken night out with friends. Despite this, Wallen continued to dominate the charts as his loyal fans stood by him.

“He sold out two nights in a row, 55,000-plus tickets each night,” Adkins said before adding with a laugh, “God…cancel me.”

Adkins knows a thing or two about cancel culture, as he’s been targeted by the liberal mob in the past for his conservative views. During a 2022 interview with Maher, Adkins defiantly refused to back down from supporting the former President Donald Trump.

“He was always good to me,” Adkins said of Trump, according to The Hill.

With so many celebrities turning their backs on Aldean and Wallen, it’s refreshing to see Adkins stand by them. What are your thoughts on these country music stars? Let us know in the comments section.