Trump Was Not Hiding in Basement – Attended Melania’s Mother’s Funeral Instead, Team DeSantis Told

Jeremy Redfern, press secretary for Ron DeSantis, is facing criticism for a comment about Donald Trump being in the ‘basement’ while he was actually attending his mother-in-law’s funeral. Redfern’s tweet had unfortunate timing, suggesting that Trump, Biden, and Nikki Haley were all absent. The problem with the jab wasn’t the attack on the GOP contender, but the complete lack of awareness about Trump’s situation. Redfern’s comment came on the same day that Trump was attending the funeral of his mother-in-law. Trump’s senior adviser and former campaign worker criticized Redfern for the insensitive and ill-timed remarks. It’s not the first time the DeSantis campaign has faced controversy, raising concerns about their advisors. DeSantis himself has made contentious comments about the Trump administration, potentially causing his campaign to falter. Redfern’s decision to take another jab at Trump involving the funeral didn’t help his case, furthering criticism against the DeSantis campaign. Overall, this incident raises questions about the advisors and representatives in the DeSantis campaign.