Trumped Up: Lil Pump’s Latest Tattoo pays tribute to the Former President

Lil Pump recently took to social media to reveal that he got a tattoo of Donald Trump’s mugshot on his leg. This comes after Pump openly supported Trump in the past, including a profanity-laced rant endorsing him in 2020. In addition to Pump, other rappers like Azealia Banks and Sexyy Red have also voiced their support for Trump. Insiders close to Trump have suggested that he’s taken notice of this support from the rap community, and it remains to be seen if this will bring more young voters to Trump’s side. As for the reason behind the support, Azealia Banks has cited Trump’s humor and his stance on gun control, while Sexyy Red has highlighted his actions to benefit the Black community. Only time will tell how influential these rappers’ endorsements will be.