Tucker Carlson accuses Ben Shapiro of not caring about America

Tucker Carlson criticizes Ben Shapiro for prioritizing Israel over USA

Conservative commentator Tucker Carlson accused Ben Shapiro for his focus on international conflicts, particularly those involving Israel and Ukraine. Carlson, in a recent interview with “Breaking Points” host Saagar Enjeti, expressed shock at the apparent indifference of some conservatives towards America’s well-being. He suggested that some right-wing pundits have neglected significant domestic issues in favor of their concerns about Israel. He questioned Shapiro’s patriotism and maintained that he doesn’t maintain an America-first platform that true conservatives embrace.

Shapiro went after Carlson in the days following the Hamas terror attacks on Israel, accusing Carlson of “downplaying” the events. He compared these attacks to drug overdose deaths in the US and generally disagreed with Carlson’s perspective. Shapiro contended that Carlson equating the fentanyl crisis to the terrorist attacks was “idiocy” and “moral stupidity at the highest level.”

The debate between the two conservative commentators caught the attention of several, and the public opinion seems to be divided. Are you on team Carlson or team Shapiro? The Political Insider invites readers to participate in the debate and share their views.