Tucker Carlson Criticizes Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn for Advocating War with Iran

This article, titled “Tucker Carlson Blasts Graham and Cornyn For Urging War Against Iran,” discusses the reaction of Tucker Carlson, a former Fox News host, to Senators Lindsey Graham and John Cornyn urging acts of war against Iran. The Senators took to Twitter to cheer on a retaliatory attack by the US following a drone strike on a US outpost in Jordan that killed three American soldiers and wounded others. Carlson, in sharp contrast, criticized Graham and Cornyn, calling them “f**king lunatics” for their aggressive stance on Iran. This article also highlights Carlson’s previous criticisms of Graham and his advocacy for war, citing concerns about the potential fallout of such a conflict. The article concludes with President Joe Biden vowing to hold those responsible for the recent attack on a US base accountable, while Graham and Cornyn are likely to support new war efforts.