Uncovering Sara Biden: The Emerging Role of Joe’s In-Law in Foreign Business Transactions

Sara Catherine Jones’ Association with the Biden Family Stokes Further Controversy

Sara Catherine Jones, who entered the Biden family nearly three decades ago, has faced ongoing trouble in her personal and professional life. Not long after her marriage to Jim Biden in 1995, Jones accepted a job with a Senate donor of Joe Biden, who later accused her of “fraud” and “unjust enrichment,” according to court records reviewed by RealClearInvestigations.

Over the years, Jones and her husband have been accused of failing to pay taxes and reneging on debts, as shown by court and property records. Similar to their nephew, Hunter Biden, they are also reported to have offered access to their influential relative to companies, some of which have gone bankrupt, with ties to countries hostile to the United States.

At present, Jones has become a central figure in the expanding Biden foreign influence-peddling scandal. Republicans are seeking to question the 64-year-old attorney as part of their investigation of President Biden for possible impeachable offenses, including bribery. The House Oversight and Judiciary committees have demanded that she make herself available for a transcribed interview and have subpoenaed her husband for testimony and information.

While Hunter and Jim Biden’s questionable business dealings have attracted increasing scrutiny, Jones has largely avoided attention. However, court records and other documents reveal her significant involvement in the Biden family business for many years. New documents obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request indicate that Jones and Jim’s principal business, the Lion Hall Group, appears in over 3,735 emails generated by the former Vice President Biden’s office.

Jones’ links to Joe Biden trace back to the early 1990s, when she secured a committee job with his close personal friend, Senator Wendell Ford, a Kentucky Democrat. At the time, Joe Biden referred to Sen. Ford as an important part of their family and acknowledged that he gave Jones her first job on the Hill, leading to her introduction to his brother Jimmy.

Since then, Jones and Jim Biden embarked on business ventures and a lavish lifestyle. However, financial difficulties arose. For example, the couple struggled to repay a $650,000 mortgage on an expensive home in the Philadelphia suburbs. They also faced unpaid taxes and liens from the IRS. Furthermore, a lawsuit filed against Jones accused her and the Lion Hall Group of “fraud,” “unjust enrichment,” and “breach of contract,” which was eventually settled under undisclosed terms.

Jones’ involvement in the controversial business dealings of the Biden family raises further questions about potential conflicts of interest and ethical lapses. As the scandal continues to unfold, her role and responsibilities in the Biden family’s business undertakings will undoubtedly receive further attention and scrutiny from investigators and the public alike.