Unfazed: Man in Underwear Strolls By Dick Morris During Live Newsmax Interview


Newsmax viewers were left baffled when an interview with Dick Morris, a former adviser to Bill Clinton, was briefly interrupted when a man wearing only a tight tank top and black boxers sauntered past him.

Morris was discussing how the media might downplay Donald Trump’s victory in the Iowa Caucus when what appeared to be a closet door opened behind him.

What emerged was a portly man, balding, and not heavily clothed.

The man walked past Morris during the interview and Dick never stopped talking, nor did the Newsmax hosts make any reference to what had just happened.

Yes, you read that right. In a moment that can only be described as pure comedy gold, a half-dressed man decided to make an unexpected cameo during an interview with Dick Morris. Talk about stealing the spotlight!

Who Was Captain Underoos In The Morris Video?

So many questions emerge after seeing a video like that, not the least of which is, ‘Who was that unmasked man?’

We’ll probably never know his identity. But some other things pop into one’s head: Why did he just come out of the closet, literally? How did Morris carry on without flinching? How did the hosts ignore the whole ordeal? And why is Ron Filipkowski watching Newsmax?

The internet, being the internet, couldn’t resist turning the hilarious moment into … well, even more hilarity.

“Who the hell was that who video bombed Dick Morris’ interview with Robb (Schmitt) on Newsmax?” one X user asked.

Another noted, “Incredibly, this is only like the third most embarrassing thing to have happened to Dick Morris in his career.”

Not The Most Controversial Thing To Happen To Him

Oddly enough, having a man in his underwear emerge from a closet during a live interview isn’t the most controversial thing to ever befall Dick Morris.

Morris famously resigned from former President Bill Clinton’s campaign in August of 1996 after tabloid reports stated that he had been involved with a prostitute, Sherry Rowlands.

Rowlands told news outlets that he had a yearlong affair with her and the story involved “illicit sex” and “Morris sucking her toes.”

I guess if the worst thing to come out of Morris’s closet knowing his past is a lost plumber, then we should all be thankful.