VIDEO: Joe Scarborough’s Obsession with the Term ‘Bloodbath’ on MSNBC

Screenshot: Benny Johnson

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough was so infuriated over claims that Donald Trump’s recent comments about a “bloodbath” were taken out of context, that he cursed on his morning show over the matter.

As reported by The Political Insider on Monday, the mainstream media attempted to create a phony controversy over Trump’s speech using the word “bloodbath” by taking it completely out of context.

The GOP nominee for President was discussing the auto industry when he made the remarks, indicating it would be decimated if Biden won re-election.

The media breathlessly suggested that Trump had outright called for violence. He didn’t.

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Joe Scarborough Insists Trump Wasn_t Taken Out Of Context

To the credit of journalists on X, the media largely wasn_t able to get away with the ‘bloodbath’ hoax. This was due to real-time reporting of Trump_s full comments on the platform.

It was a view of reality previously heretofore disallowed on the former Twitter.

Joe Scarborough was furious that adding context to Trump_s comments showed he wasn_t calling for violence by any stretch of the imagination.

The MSNBC host could not accept the reality. And he indicated as such in an expletive-laced rant on his show Morning Joe.

“I_ve never really heard people discuss macroeconomics, in terms of bloodbath,” he insists. “But maybe, maybe so.”

“Obviously, he_s talking about a bloodbath for America,” Scarborough falsely stated. “It_s laid out in the terms of it. And these idiots, on Twitter, these idiots, on cable news, these idiots on Sunday shows, ‘Well, President_s, you know, he was talking only about the auto industry.’

“It_s just bullshit. Let me say that at 6:15 a.m., it_s just bullshit,” he added. “He knew what he was doing. We_re not stupid. Americans aren_t stupid. He was talking about a bloodbath. Sometimes a bloodbath means a bloodbath.”

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Scarborough Used The Phrase Repeatedly

If ever there was a clear example of projection, it_s Joe Scarborough calling people on X who reported the truth behind the comments “idiots.”

Then we have an example of hypocrisy. A video surfaced of the MSNBC host and his wife repeatedly using the term “bloodbath” in their reporting.

Now, Joe Scarborough could, of course, claim all those instances of his use of the word “bloodbath” were taken out of context.

But then, that would just be rich with irony, wouldn_t it?

Scarborough is the same yokel who told his viewers during the pandemic that Republican politicians were trying to “euthanize” senior citizens. All because GOP leaders knew they had to open the country back up during the pandemic.

Watch this clip. The disdain, the disgust they have for people who weren_t buying the COVID narrative at the time.

What_s worse? He_s telling his gullible followers that Republicans were trying to murder the elderly.

It_s okay to use the term “euthanize” but not bloodbath.

Scarborough has insinuated Trump supporters are “so stupid that they should be kept away from blenders.”

Again, the King of projection.

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