Vindman’s Controversial Flashback: Accusations of Profiting from Ukraine War


House Intelligence Committee Footage, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

War is an opportunistic business, especially for prior military and defense officials. The Ukraine war has proven to be fruitful for a key witness against President Donald Trump during his first impeachment trial.

The phone call

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman became well-known in 2019 during President Trump’s first impeachment. He alleged that he witnessed a phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky discussing an investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings in Ukraine.

During this call, military aid to Ukraine was frozen. Vindman claimed that President Trump had engaged in a form of quid pro quo in exchange for investigating a political rival.

Call it what it is

Human Events reported that Vindman was working on a $12 million contract to set up a Weapons Systems Sustainment Center in Ukraine, benefiting his company Trident International LLC.

Former soldiers or contractors in Iraq and/or Afghanistan would help speed up the repair of weapons as the center would be closer to the front lines of the war. Vindman confirmed on Twitter that he was working with Ukraine to establish this center, raising questions about the motivations behind this deal.

The bottom line

Vindman’s attempt to capitalize on his testimony is scrutinized by Senator Marsha Blackburn, who believes he is profiting off the war in Ukraine after exploiting the media’s outrage against President Trump. This raises concerns about the ethics of Vindman’s actions, especially given his prior testimony against Trump regarding Ukraine.

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