Vivek Ramaswamy’s Pledge to Release Epstein Client List Garners Praise: Should Be a Standard for Every Candidate

As Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy earned praise on social media for vowing to release the list of clients used by sex predator Jeffrey Epstein, there has been a renewed interest in the client list by Republicans. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin squashed an effort to subpoena flight logs for Epstein’s jet known as the “Lolita Express,” while Ramaswamy received praise for his plan to release it. Elon Musk has also advocated for its release, and it’s evident that high-profile people in DC and across the globe would be concerned about the list being released. Durbin claimed ignorance when questioned about Epstein’s flight logs by Senator Marsha Blackburn, and former President Bill Clinton, who was allegedly linked to Epstein, took trips to Epstein’s private island. With many powerful and politically connected individuals potentially involved, the release of the client list should be a priority for every journalist and the Justice Department.