Vivek Ramaswamy’s Trump Rally Greeting: “VP” Chants and Praise from Former President

Opinion Screenshot: @BehizyTweets X Video Chatter about the possibility of Donald Trump selecting Vivek Ramaswamy as his VP was circulating after Ramaswamy joined Trump at a rally in New Hampshire. The crowd chanted “VP! VP! VP!” and Trump said Ramaswamy would be “working with us for a long time” and referred to him as a “fantastic guy” with something “very special.” Ramaswamy posted the video with the caption “America-First. One movement. Indivisible.”

Ramaswamy previously downplayed any possibility of him becoming a VP candidate, but Trump has consistently praised him and called him a “smart guy” with “good energy.” The possibility of Ramaswamy joining Trump’s campaign or administration has increased after his appearance at the rally.

Ramaswamy has been a strong supporter of Trump, openly defending him and calling out other Republican candidates for not backing the former President. He was the first to commit to supporting Trump as the nominee and called for a pardon for Trump if he is convicted of any politically motivated charges. Ramaswamy’s strong support of Trump has led to speculation about his potential role in Trump’s campaign or administration.

Ramaswamy announced the suspension of his presidential bid after Trump won the Iowa caucus, further fueling speculation about his future involvement with Trump. Follow Rusty on X for more political insights and analysis.