Warning: Needles Discovered in Massachusetts Halloween Candy – Police Urge Inspection of All Trick-Or-Treat Treats

Police in Massachusetts are sounding the alarm after needles were found in Halloween candy, warning the public that “all trick-or-treat candy should be inspected.”

Needles Found In Halloween Candy

The Sandwich Police Department in Cape Cod took to social media to announce that the mother of an 8 year-old boy found a sewing needle in her son’s Halloween candy.

“The Sandwich Police Department is investigating the report of a Sewing needle found inside a piece of Halloween Candy,” the statement read. “Late in the evening on November 1, the Sandwich Police Department was called to a Sandwich residence for a sewing needle found in a piece of Halloween candy.”

“The mother of an 8 year old child advised police that her son was checking his candy and noticed something poking out of it. The mother checked the candy, a small snickers ‘fun size’ bar,” it continued. “The wrapper had a puncture hole and a sewing needle was found inside the candy bar. She then checked her other children’s candy and discovered a Twix candy bar that also contained a sewing needle.”

The statement concluded by saying that the “family went trick-or-treating on the Main Street area of Sandwich.”

“The police department is recommending that all trick or treat candy should be inspected,” it read. “If your child was trick-or-treating in the downtown area of Sandwich, please be extra vigilant in checking your children’s candy.”

Find out more about this in the video below.

Alcohol-Infused Candy Being Handed Out

CBS News reported that in the Massachusetts town of West Boylston, it was reported that someone was handing out candy infused with alcohol to children.

“The West Boylston Police Department received two reports tonight of candy being given out that contained alcohol. Both parties reported trick or treating in the Horseshoe Dr. neighborhood,” the local police department said in a statement posted to social media.

“The candy containing alcohol is the Jose Cuervo chocolate pictured below,” the statement added alongside a photo of the candy in question. “Please check your children’s candy. The department is looking into the incident.”

Find out more about this in the video below.

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FDA Warns Parents About Halloween Candy

This comes after the FDA urged parents to inspect all the candy that their children bring home for Halloween.

“Inspect commercially wrapped treats for signs of tampering, such as an unusual appearance or discoloration, tiny pinholes, or tears in wrappers,” the FDA advised. “Throw away anything that looks suspicious.”

Check out a 2016 report on this in the video below.

It’s sad that we live in a world where people would tamper with Halloween candy, ruining what’s supposed to be a fun holiday for children everywhere. This serves as a grim reminder to parents that checking your kids’ Halloween candy is an unfortunate necessity in today’s America.

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