Whoopi Goldberg Slams Republicans for ‘Torturing’ Women with Abortion Restrictions

Whoopi Goldberg is once against attacking Republicans for blocking abortion, this time accusing them of torturing women. During a recent episode of ‘The View’, she discussed a federal appeals ruling that allows Texas to ban emergency abortions. She claimed that Republicans are okay with forced childbirth, even if it kills someone. This sparked a heated debate among the co-hosts, with Goldberg stating that Republicans want control over women’s bodies, showing no mercy for the risks involved. Goldberg conveniently ignores the fact that black babies are aborted more than any other racial group. She even suggested that God is pro-abortion because he gave women freedom of choice. Goldberg has previously defended abortion as a human issue, not a religious one. It’s frustrating that ABC continues to allow Goldberg to share her opinions, despite continued controversy. Her views may be defended, but courts across the country are still imposing bans on the practice.