Whoopi Goldberg Unleashes Scathing Criticism on Trump: “This Fool”


Whoopi Goldberg, who has long been one of the most obsessively anti-Donald Trump people in the mainstream media, launched yet another unhinged attack on the former president on Tuesday, this time referring to him as “this fool.”

Source: The View Youtube

Goldberg Sounds Off On Trump

When “The View” returned from its holiday break on Tuesday, Goldberg gave her thoughts on the presidential ballot controversy in Colorado and Maine, expressing her shock that Trump plans to appeal the controversial rulings to keep him off the ballot all the way up to the United States Supreme Court.

“None of this would be happening had he let the people decide who they wanted to be president,” Goldberg said. “He didn’t like that. He didn’t want that. Now suddenly they’re paying attention to the law. Where’s everybody been? Did you just wake up and go, ‘Oh damn?!’”

“They say it’s going to be up to the U.S. Supreme Court to decide if the Constitution does indeed bar him from running even though the Constitution says, ‘Listen, if you do this kind of stuff, you can’t run,’” she continued. “But apparently we always have to re-check with this fool. Every time he does something, they say, ‘Oh well, they didn’t mean him.’”

Goldberg conveniently ignored the fact that Trump has not only never been convicted of “insurrection,” he’s also never been charged with it.

Goldberg’s co-host Sara Haines, however, did not agree with her that Trump’s name should be kept off the ballot.

“What will happen is, that martyrdom will be one step more,” Haines argued. “We have a nation that doesn’t believe in democracy, doesn’t believe in the voting. Everyone that loses says it was rigged and failed. I think this will create a visual to people that this was a rigged election.”

Co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, who previously worked in the Trump administration but has since turned on the former president, also thinks that he should be on the ballot.

Goldberg’s Previous Anti-Trump Rants

Goldberg enjoys ranting against Trump on a daily basis on “The View.” Back in November, she claimed that America will get what it deserves if Trump is re-elected because it will mean “that we were not loud enough.”

“Listen, if he gets re-elected, we deserve what we get,” Goldberg said, according to Daily Mail. “If we put him back in, if he gets back in, we deserve what we got.”

“It meant that we were not loud enough or strong enough or that our Constitution wasn’t strong enough to keep this bozo out,” she added.

Goldberg Wants Amendment To Constitution

In June of last year, Goldberg called for an amendment to be added to the Constitution that would bar Trump from being president in jail.

“What really was started to freak me out is the idea that we’re not even discussing changing the Constitution to make it say you cannot be in jail while being the president,” Goldberg said. “I’m a big fan of amendments. I feel like unless we start to plug these holes, this is going to keep biting us in the behind. It really is going to take people saying, ‘hey, listen, if I can’t vote when I come out of jail, why can you be president.’”

It’s clear that even three years after Trump left office, Goldberg is still hopelessly infected with Trump derangement syndrome. She can rant against Trump all that she wants to, but in the end, her hatred for him will do nothing to hurt his chances when it comes to this year’s presidential election.