Whoopi Goldberg Warns of ‘Dictatorship’ After Supreme Court Decision in Trump Case


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Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of The View, believes the Supreme Court’s decision to review Trump’s claims of presidential immunity could lead to a dictatorship in America.

Goldberg suggested that if the Court rules in Trump’s favor, it could open up a Pandora’s Box. In her view, it could even prompt President Biden to go on a dictatorial spree.

Goldberg cautioned against the idea of Biden throwing every Republican in jail if the Court rules in Trump’s favor.

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Goldberg Thinks Presidential Immunity Could Lead To Biden Jailing His Political Opponents

Legal experts see the Supreme Court’s decision to review presidential immunity as a major victory for Trump. The expedited timeline could potentially delay Trump’s trial until after the election.

Special Counsel Jack Smith pushed for a speedy timeline if the Court insists on reviewing presidential immunity. Even if the Court rules against Trump, it’s unlikely the January 6th trial will be resolved before the election.

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Biden Already Doing That, Whoopi

Goldberg may not be a political expert, but she’s not naive. She’s seen instances of Biden’s administration targeting Republicans, even without a Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity.

Biden’s Justice Department has targeted various groups and individuals that oppose his agenda, without needing a Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity.

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