“Woke Kindergarten” Curriculum Leads to Decline in Math and Literacy Rates at California School

The Glassbrook Elementary School in California has come under criticism for their low literacy and math levels, which worsened after they implemented the “Woke Kindergarten” curriculum two years ago. Founded by Akiea Gross, the “woke” curriculum has been the center of controversy due to Gross’ anti-Israel, racist, and gender ideology that she promotes on her social media and within her curriculum.

The Bay Area school spent $250 thousand on this “Woke Kindergarten” curriculum, and two years into their three-year contract with Gross, the students’ academic performance has not improved. The school is now classified as one of California’s lowest performing schools based on the Comprehensive School Improvement list. The curriculum includes exercises that aim to “disrupt whiteness” and encourage kids to think about defunding the Israeli military and abolishing the police.

The curriculum also introduces children to “liberatory vocabulary” that can be used to critique the system. The curriculum has also been recommended in the Virginia school system. Gross’ controversial remarks on recent events, including her statement that “I believe Israel has no right to exist. I believe the United States has no right to exist.” reflects her left-wing extremist views. Her version of the nursery rhyme “The Wheels on the Bus,” titled “The Wheels on the Tank,” reflects her political agenda.

The decision to implement the “woke” curriculum has raised questions about the priorities of American public education. Gross’ outspoken views and her controversial curriculum have led to criticism from parents and advocates, who question the use of tax dollars to fund extremist curriculum.