Wynonna Judd Stands Strong in the Face of CMAs Performance Criticism with Jelly Roll

Judd Addresses Fan Concerns

“Don’t read the comments, I read the comments!” Judd, 59, said in the video. “I’m just gonna come clean with y’all. I was so freaking nervous. I got out there and I looked at Jelly Roll. I wanted it to be so good for him. I could cry right now, but I’m not going to because I’m such a fan of his and he asked me to sing and I said, ‘Absolutely!’”

“I got out there and I was so nervous that I just held on for dear life,” she added. “And that’s the bottom line. All is well!”

Daily Mail reported that fans said that Judd looked “unsteady” during her performance with Jelly Roll.

“Something is wrong with her. Hope she is ok!” one social media user commented, with another adding, “Wynonna Judd is holding on to Jelly Roll for dear life #CMAawards.”

Others said that Judd “could barely walk” and “could barely hold herself up” as she sang.

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Judd Speaks Out Before Performance

Before taking the stage, Judd opened up to Entertainment Tonight about why she decided to perform with Jelly Roll.

“I have to show up for people like people did me,” she said on the red carpet. “That’s my job now is to pass it on because people have been so generous with me and now it’s my turn to be generous with people like Jelly Roll and that’s what I’m doing.”

“I have my ups and my downs and that’s life, and I’m just telling the fans. Like the other night, I got emotional, I felt [my] mom,” she continued. “And I got overcome and I just said, ‘I need some water and I need somebody to hold onto me for a second while I take a deep breath and cry.’ And I just do it because that’s the way life is.”

Judd’s mother Naomi Judd tragically committed suicide in April of last year at the age of 76.

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Judd Meets Jelly Roll

Before their performance last night, Jelly Roll said that he was “blown away” by the honor of performing with Judd.

“I would have never even imagined this. Somebody said, ‘Would you have ever dreamed of this?’ And I wasn’t bold enough to dream this big,” he gushed. “So I hope somebody sitting at home right now with a dream — you think that dreams too big, and it might be too small after all, baby. Dream bigger. Dream bigger.”

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