Former CNN Host Chris Cuomo Considers Voting for Trump While Criticizing Biden

The former CNN host Chris Cuomo has shockingly claimed that he may vote for Donald Trump in 2024. While being interviewed on the PBD Podcast on Thursday, Cuomo was asked by host Paul Bet-David, “Could Trump do anything to get your vote?”

Cuomo responded by stating that he interviewed Trump regularly over the years. He then criticized President Joe Biden, stating, “Do I think [Biden] is the best of us? No. Do I think he’s the best we can do as president? Absolutely not.”

Cuomo went on to say, “If it’s Biden-Trump? Look, for me: We survived a Trump administration. Would we survive another one? Yes. I don’t think there’s any greater risk to America with him than with Biden. I’m not afraid of a Trump presidency.”

Cuomo then doubled down on his position, saying that he is always open to voting for Trump and that he voted for a Republican, George H. W. Bush, in the past.

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